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Significant glutathione depletion has been noted in the onset and progression of many neurodegenerative disorders, and research over the last few years have uncovered that glutathione levels in the brain are significant in terms of balancing brain chemicals.

To summarise, the article that follows confirms that depression and bipolar disorder are complicated by glutathione depletion. Glutathione and Bipolar Disorder In this placebo-controlled trial, glutathione was administered twice daily, and after eight weeks significant benefits were noticed in social behavior. Administration of NAC was then stopped and improvements were lost after four weeks. Please click here for articleResearch now shows that use of n-acetyl cysteine on a long term basis can and has proved dangerous (please see following link to article). Dangers of N-Acetyl Cysteine

N-acetyl cysteine or NAC is the drug version of glutathione, and therefore cannot last long in the bloodstream. Only a very small amount of glutathione will penetrate the cell wall where it is needed to keep the cell healthy. We recommend that you use Immunocal, which is the only product on the market that enables glutathione to be made naturally right inside each and every cell, it is recognised as safe with no side effects. Immunocal uses the natural dietary pre-cursor, cysteine, to allow glutathione to be made intracellularly. Used daily or as often as required to maintain results, glutathione levels can be optimized. The added benefits are that this is the only scientifically proven way to raise your immune system and increased glutathione levels will slow down free radical damage and provide enhanced protection from a long list of common ailments and diseases.


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